Best Speakers For Echo Dot.

Best Speakers For Echo Dot.

Bose sound link mini 2

In terms of value  For money this one (for my opinion) is the best choice and the best speaker for echo dot.

First of all and the most important let’s get to business.

Sound test.

Bass – the most powerful one from all I have tested, but also not empowering, its stays clear and oily even in full power.
Midrange – fits perfectly to a room , it has total balance, it doesn’t sound “boxy” and it fits perfectly to a room .
Battery life – amazon claims it has up to 10 hours of battery life, but here what I have found:
In mid-level volume, it can last double than that.(20 hours)
At max level, it will drain the battery after 5 hours of use.
It also has nice feature ,that tells you exactly how much power left in alexa voice.
Other technical details
3.5 mm port.

Micro usb port for power & a cradle for the device.

7.1” wide.
2.3” deep.
1.50 lbs – weight, (bit heavier than its competitors) because of the solid aluminum beautiful cover, that feel real rock solid

Buttons – answer phone calls, power button, Bluetooth button, volume buttons.

I also test it in android and ios, works perfect!, (in terms of compatiability and sound). buy it here

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II (Pearl)

So do you think it’s the, best speaker for echo dot, or not?

part 2 – Logitech ue Megaboom

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