Bluetooth Audio Logitech

Bluetooth Audio Logitech

In my last reviews, I reviewed echo dot which are BT Speakers, in this post I will review Bluetooth audio, receiver

The Logitech Bluetooth audio, is a receiver that connects to your stereo amplifier and streams audio to your loudspeakers in your living room.

 bluetooth audio

By R & L RCA to your amplifier (or on the opposite) , first you need to let the device be discovered by pressing the big BT Button on the top of the device (you’ll see blue blinking lamp underneath the device (you will notice it also when the device stands) and have to scan your Bluetooth smartphone, or any other device that stream your music and pair it, once this has been done, you can relax and enjoy the music with a stable connection for up to 15 meters.

bluetuth audio

The sound is clear and bright, it was enjoyable enough that I bought 256 sd card and transferred all my music to it, so that I could play it all from my tablet. I bought 2 units of the Bluetooth audio device, one for the bed room and one for the living room, so that I could pause the music in my tablet, unpare it to living room unit & pair it to the other device on my bedroom ,& continue to hear my music. Great solution to old  amplifiers that don’t have  Bluetooth receiver

The Bluetooth audio, device of Logitech is a great solution and with that price 21.86$ you can buy 2 or 3 units for all your media needs in your rooms.

You can buy it here now.

also i can recommend This Micro SD of samsung For Its High performance & Capacity

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