Echo vs Echo Dot

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Echo vs Echo Dot

I got a lot of questions from you to clear out the differences between: Amazon echo vs echo dot.

So first of all the original “echo” called now “echo dot” since it has some minor changes from amazon, and the new improved models after the “echo” called the “echo 2” and the “echo plus”

Since we clear that out lets make a comparison between them:

Echo dot (former echo)

echo vs echo dot
echo dot in echo dot vs echo 2

Advantages :

  • Tiny,
  • Affordable,
  • Since its so popular you can get a VAUX Cordless Home Speaker + Portable Battery for Amazon Echo Dot & make it to a portable speaker unlike the other “older brothers” of the echo.                    you can buy here.
  • Since it so affordable you can buy 2 or 3 devices to cover your whole space at home , work etc..

Disadvantages :

  • Poor sound

Echo 2

echo 2 in echo vs echo 2
echo 2 in echo vs echo 2

Advantages :

  • Speaker is much more better, actually there is a huge difference between the echo dot and that one, the sound is very crisp, clear, it has a small woofer inside (that’s why its so bigger)

Disadvantages :

  • Heavier than the echo dot
  • Price (more than double of the echo dot)

Echo plus

echo plus in comparison
echo plus in review

Advantages :

  • It has a zigbee home hub to control your smart home, (work with lights, and other smart home accessories).
  • New and amazing design with rotating top cover and silver polished color.
  • Better sound quality.

Disadvantages :

  • Price , I would expect much more improvement in sound from echo 2 since its almost twice more expensive.

In general in all the devices (echo vs echo dot vs echo plus) you can listen to music from all the big streaming sources, like I heart radio, Pandora etc..

All the devices has aux in , and synchronizes with sports , weather, time reminders, and updates,

Alexa services is very popular and keep getting better, you can see here for the alexa technology. wiki

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