Samsung Galaxy S9 Hands On Review

Galaxy S9

Galaxy s9 Hands On Review.

finally I will put an end to the rumors and the leaks, the galaxy s9 is out and will be available in stores  at middle of march.

So , before I get to the changes and improvements , you should know that all the features of the s8 is still here. Bixby button, iris scanner, face recognition etc…

Improvements :

  • The speaker has now stereo (2 speakers) but all you can hear is a small difference in volume (slightly better on the s9)
  • The fingerprint scanner moved just underneath the camera (because of many complaints)
  • The cpu is snapdragon 845 , the s9 (5.8 inch display) has 4gb of ram & the s9 plus(6.2 inch display)  has 6gb of ram, battery 3000 for s9 & 3500 for s9 plus also the s9 plus has dual lens camera of 12 mp.

The colors that available are:

  • Black stealthy
  • Coral blue
  • Lilac purple

S9 New features


The camera of the s9 improved significantly and now has a variable aperture, which is the only smartphone camera with that feature, by saying variable it means you can choose the f1.5 or f2.4 only! Automatic or manual, you can read here more about  aperture here

Also the camera has now super slow mo, which is very cool.

The super slow motion produces 240fps at 1080p and 960fps at 720p, and you can create amazing effects like spilling water, dropping cards, or any other super speed staff you want to see in slow motion, pay attention to the fact that the recording time is limited to no more that 0.2 seconds which is pretty narrow, for that you can use automatic feature where you can set a square on the part that you want the camera to detect movement and when you start it , it will triggers the super slow motion automatically. Also Samsung changes the ui that switches between the modes to more easier to use (choose between slow motion, panorama, live focus etc.)


Another nice feature called live translation, is the ability to translate signs or any other text in the camera pictures, nice feature if you are traveling in a country that your not fluent in her language.

Another nice feature is the ANIMOJI, the ability to produce animated version of your self and send it to your friends + ability to change hairstyle, clothing etc. like the feature that apple implemented on her last iPhone.

1 last improvements :

Dex is now changed to DEXPAD which is a flat surface that lets you use the phone itself when it connects to a TV like a mouse & keyboard if you don’t have any at reach.

So overall the main enhances coming from the camera side (hardware & software), does s9 worth the upgrade from Galaxy s8 to Galaxy s9

You tell me. I would love to hear your comments.

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